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So, Cortana is the inquisitive, nosy sort of AI-turned-human who likes to have as much info as possible before she makes a decision. To that effect, upon her entrance to the City, she's been reading through the network, a lot, picking up what knowledge she can of the City, its inhabitants and the key events that've transpired. If you'd like to submit any network posts or threads in specific, or any you think are of particular importance to your character, the City in general, etc., link to it in this post!

Regarding encrypted messages: when using her powers to become an AI, Cortana is a very capable hacker (she's from the ~FUUUUUUTUUUUUURE~), so she can infiltrate many different kinds of encryptions. So if you'd like to submit anything that's encrypted and approve Cortana having broken through the encryption and read it, that'll be good as well!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask in a reply, PM, hit me on AIM, whatever. Thank you in advance to anybody who decides to participate in this little side-project I have here.
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